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    Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker | Net World Sports

    StadiumPro Wheel Transfer Line Marker - For Sports Pitches

    Special Price R 6 249,00

    Regular Price: R 8 999,00

  2. Sale
    Ultra Durable Cricket Boundary Ropes For Professional Cricket | Net World Sports

    Cricket Boundary Rope

    Special Price R 2 999,00

    Regular Price: R 3 749,00

  3. Sale
    Double Boundary Rope Trolley | Cricket Pitch Marking | Cricket | Net World Sports

    Double Boundary Rope Trolley

    Special Price R 19 674,00

    Regular Price: R 24 474,00

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    Cricket Boundary Rope Sponsor Wedges

    Cricket Boundary Rope Sponsor Wedges

    Special Price R 1 299,00

    Regular Price: R 1 449,00

  5. Sale
    Replacement Covers Cricket Boundary Sponsor Wedges

    Replacement Covers For Cricket Boundary Sponsor Wedges

    Special Price R 874,00

    Regular Price: R 1 099,00

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    Cricket Crease Marker | Net World Sports Australia

    Cricket Crease Marker

    Special Price R 4 124,00

    Regular Price: R 5 974,00

  7. Sale
    Cricket Stump Gauge

    Stainless Steel Cricket Stump Position Gauge

    Special Price R 724,00

    Regular Price: R 924,00

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    Cricket Pitch Marking Equipmet

    Cricket Boundary Marker Flags [10 Pack]

    Special Price R 319,00

    Regular Price: R 414,00

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    Atom Electric Spray Line Marking Machine For Sports Pitches

    Atom Electric Spray Line Marking Machine - For Sports Pitches

    Special Price R 18 749,00

    Regular Price: R 22 499,00

  10. Sale
    Bowcom GMX Electric Spray Marking Machine

    GMX Electric Spray Marking Machine - For Sports Pitches

    Special Price R 19 999,00

    Regular Price: R 23 749,00

  11. Sale
    Line Marking Trike | 4 Stroke Honda Engine

    Motorised Line Marking Trike - For Sports Pitches

    POA – Please call
  12. Sale
    Open Reel Tape Measure [100m]

    Open Reel Tape Measure [100m]

    Special Price R 599,00

    Regular Price: R 649,00

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    Metric Measuring Wheel For Line marking | Net World Sports

    Digital Measuring Wheel

    Special Price R 1 449,00

    Regular Price: R 1 824,00

  14. Sale
    Setting Out Kitbag - Line Marking For Sports Pitches

    Setting Out Kitbag – For Line Marking Pitches

    Special Price R 6 624,00

    Regular Price: R 10 099,00

  15. Sale
    Cricket Bowlers Run-Up Marker Discs

    Bowlers Run-Up Marker Discs [Pack of 5]

    Special Price R 199,00

    Regular Price: R 289,00

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    Line Marking Stakes [10 Pack] | Net World Sports

    Line Marking Stakes [10 Pack]

    Special Price R 1 249,00

    Regular Price: R 1 749,00

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    Limited Overs Cricket Pitch Marking Equipment

    6" Inner/Outer Circle Marker Discs [Pack of 25]

    Special Price R 649,00

    Regular Price: R 824,00

Give your cricket ground the look and feel of a professional venue, no matter what your budget is. We supply a wide range of cricket field marking equipment, from coils of extremely durable boundary rope in a variety of thicknesses, to handy crease markers and stump gauges, plus fielding circle discs, marker flags and much more.