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Ultra Heavy Duty - Soccer Goal Net [All Sizes]

The most professional and durable soccer goal net to date. This ultra-strength soccer goal net will provide your team with unparalleled performance and professionalism. Made of thick white weatherproof polypropylene, this premium soccer net is built to last. Available in a variety of different sizes, this soccer goal net is sure to meet your every need and requirement. NET ONLY, GOAL NOT INCLUDED.

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Heavy-Duty Soccer Goal Net For Unparalleled Quality And Longevity

  • Ultra heavy duty net

    Choose Lasting Quality!

    Our heavy-duty netting is made to withstand countless impact shots to the back of the net, providing you with fun for years to come!

  • Football net for Football goal

    Compatible With A Range Of Goals

    This net is suitable with a wide range of soccer goals which have the top runback and net support brackets attached.

  • Top quality football nets

    It’s A Game Changer!

    We have a wide variety of sizes available, chose between a single goal or pair from the drop down menu.


The Best Soccer Goal Net For Ultra-Durable Performance

The highest quality goal net produced yet. This ultra-heavy-duty polypropylene twine soccer net adds a world class finish to any pitch. Designed to be versatile, this regulation full size net is suitable for a variety of goals that features a top run back or net supports. Available in a number of different sizes, this premium professional soccer goal net is sure to meet your every need and requirement.

  • Extra durable polypropylene twine soccer netting to survive the worst of conditions
  • Available with traditional white twine
  • Made for goals sized from 3m x 2m to 7.3m x 2.4m (24ft x 8ft) goals
  • Available in 3.5mm twine (4.5mm and 4.5mm braided also available in 7.3m x 2.4m goals)
  • Professional soccer goal nets that are available as a single or in a pair

This soccer goal netting is available in a traditional white and adds a classy finish to any field. Whether it is a high stakes professional soccer game or just a kick about with friends, this ultra-heavy-duty goal net delivers ultimate performance all year round. The stylish touch that this high-quality soccer net provides will not only make your field look and feel more professional but will also ensure you and your team can shoot with confidence.

This traditional strong soccer goal net is built to offer unrivalled longevity. Designed using strong and thick polypropylene, this highly-durable soccer goal net will withstand the worst of weather conditions. These soccer nets can be left attached to any soccer goal post all year round without a compromise in quality, durability or performance. Available in a number of different sizes, this ultra-durable soccer goal net can be used with a variety of different goal post sizes.



  • Sizes available: 3m x 2m, 3.7m x 1.7m, 3.7m x 1.8m, 4.8m x 1.2m, 4.8m x 1.8m, 4.8m x 2.1m, 6.4m x 2.1m, 7.3m x 2.4m


  • Manufactured from extra heavy duty 3.5mm polypropylene soccer netting (4.5mm and 4.5mm braided netting available for 7.3m x 2.4m goals)


  • Suitable for FORZA Match goals
  • Suitable for goal posts with top depth and a top runback
  • Net colour = White