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First Class First Aid Kits for Sports and Workplaces

Injuries are a part and parcel of all sports, and nowadays coaches and members of staff are now trained to receive vital Emergency first aid qualifications. But without the right equipment in the form of an extensive sports first aid kit, the help that they can offer in a potentially fatal scenario will be drastically reduced. Our awesome range of sports first aid kits and medical supplies ensures that this won’t be the case on your sports field or court, allowing your players to get the best and safest treatment either on the practice field or on a matchday.

Net World Sports stocks everything your trained first aider or physiotherapist will require, from full team first aid kits with bags through to medical supply refills, in sizes ranging from mini to large. Whether it’s bandages, dressings, or tapes, through to neck braces, frac-straps and reusable ice packs, our equipment for sports injuries covers all types of ailment giving you peace of mind.

What Do You Need in a First Aid Kit?

Many people are unsure of the requirements for a first aid kit. From basic first aid kit contents to advanced first aid kits, there is no universal answer to this question, which is why there are no legal requirements for what your medical bag must contain. First aid kits for sports, hiking, cycling, travel, outdoor recreation, schools or the workplace need a variety of contents, which is why we’ve done the research for you. Here at Net World Sports we’ve got you covered, with the best medical supplies for a range of specific purposes, as well as a multi-purpose kit for PE teachers or coaches that teach more than one sport.

Sports First Aid Kits

For leisure centres and sports facilities, before any sport can be played safety must be the priority. Injuries are not exclusive to full-contact, hard-hitting sports such as Rugby or American Football, so whether it’s a football pitch, tennis court, badminton court, handball court or swimming pool, you need to ensure that you have the first aid kit and refills suitable for the injuries that could be sustained at your facility.

As a sports coach or manager you are often required to take your teams to train or compete at locations you’ve never been before. Whilst travelling to new environments and competing against new teams is all part of the fun of being a coach, you can never be sure of the health and safety standards maintained at that facility. Often first aids are quickly used in an emergency to treat a person and left without a refill once the injury is treated. Equipping yourself with a multi-purpose first aid kit and refill for your medical bag from Net World Sports will ensure that you and your team won’t need to rely on the health and safety standards at other clubs’ sports facilities again, allowing you to focus on your preparation for the game.

Serious injuries do happen, and when they occur it’s vital that you are able to give your player the best care possible. Whether you or your youngsters are playing a contact sport such as rugby or football, or a non-contact sport such as basketball or netball, injuries are a commonplace due to the competitive nature of sport causing us to push our bodies to the limits. Whilst we may always remain careful, it’s never possible to guarantee that a serious injury won’t occur. Not only do these scenarios require a full emergency first aid kit, but they often require a stretcher to help the player off the field to receive specialist treatment. That’s why we stock both emergency stretchers, such as the Lightweight 2-Fold Alloy Stretcher with Carry Bag, as well as top of the range, professional-quality stretchers, so you can quickly and safely remove injured players from the field of play to receive the attention they require. The Economy Basket Stretcher C/W 4 Safety Belts and Footrest with an optional lifting sling is an invaluable piece of kit for any sports team, providing an easy and effective way of immobilising an injured sports player to reduce the risk of further injury.

The development of technology in sport is allowing sports to be played throughout the year on astroturf or 3G pitches that would have previously required a grass surface. Whilst this has enabled football, rugby, hockey, Gaelic football, lacrosse and more to be played when grass pitches are not fit for purpose, it also brings an increased likelihood of scrapes, grazes and burns caused by synthetic materials. At Net World Sports we kept this in mind when selecting our extensive range of first aid sports kits, with kits including bandages, wipes, cold packs, freeze sprays, plasters and dressing specifically designed to treat these types of injury.

First Aid Kits for Schools and the Workplace

Injuries aren’t exclusive to the sports pitch, though. Accidents in the workplace and school playground are also common, which is why we have a variety of different first aid kits for sale to suit your requirements. The HSE 10 Person First Aid Kit in Essential Box is the perfect solution for first aid at work in any office or staffroom, with the essentials for up to 10 people that are often needed as a result of an injury in the workplace.

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