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Tennis Court Surround Netting

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    Tennis Surround Netting | Net World Sports

    Tennis Surround Netting [Standard Size]

    Special Price R24,00

    Regular Price: R59,00

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    Demountable Ball Stop Post & Net System – Multi Sport (Netting Set)Back

    Ball Stop Net & Post System [3.7m/6m High - Removable]

    Special Price R9 999,00

    Regular Price: R12 524,00

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    Ultimate Cricket Net | Net World Sports Australia

    Tennis Surround System [Model 1] - Posts & Guys

    Special Price R5 749,00

    Regular Price: R7 199,00

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    Tennis Surround System [Model 2]

    Tennis Surround System (Model 2) - Posts & Top Rails

    Special Price R37 449,00

    Regular Price: R46 824,00

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    Tennis Surround System | Net World Sports

    Tennis Court Surround Net, Post & Tension Wire System

    Special Price R69 999,00

    Regular Price: R81 274,00

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    Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net

    Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net

    Special Price R9 499,00

    Regular Price: R11 899,00

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    Tennis Net Clips [80 Pack] - Black

    Tennis Net Clips [80 Pack] - Black

    Special Price R239,00

    Regular Price: R319,00

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    Sports Net Cable Ties

    Cable Ties for Sports Nets

    Special Price R129,00

    Regular Price: R179,00

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    Elastic Bungee Football Goal Net Ties - 40 Pack

    Elastic Bungee Net Ties - 40 Pack

    Special Price R349,00

    Regular Price: R464,00

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    Tennis Net Spring Clips

    Tennis Net Spring Clips (50 Pack)

    Special Price R434,00

    Regular Price: R599,00

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    Wire Tension Kits For Sports Net Hanging | Net Hanging Equipment

    Wire Tension Kits For Hanging Sports Netting

    Special Price R1 499,00

    Regular Price: R1 899,00

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    Wire & Rigging Assembly Components For Hanging Netting

    Steel Wire Net Hanging Equipment

    Special Price R129,00

    Regular Price: R179,00

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    Replacement Poles & Guys for Surround System [Model 1]

    Replacement Poles & Guys for Surround System [Model 1]

    Special Price R3 249,00

    Regular Price: R4 074,00

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    Pitch Divider Netting & Posts Package | Net World Sports

    Pitch Divider Netting & Posts Package

    Special Price R29 999,00

    Regular Price: R37 524,00

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    Replacement Pitch Divider Net

    Replacement Pitch Divider Nets

    Special Price R11 999,00

    Regular Price: R15 024,00

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    6mm Black Polypropylene Rope - 220m Coil | Net World Sports

    6mm Black Polypropylene Rope - 721ft Coil

    Special Price R399,00

    Regular Price: R519,00

Tennis Court Surround Netting - Ball Stop Netting

Serve up top quality tennis without the risk of stray balls getting lost or potentially injuring spectators. Our tried and tested tennis ball stop nets are available in a range of pre-cut sizes or we can supply bespoke solutions to meet your precise specifications. All are made from heavy duty treated twine nets designed to last for years and years.