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Custom Size Indoor Cricket Nets

Custom size indoor cricket nets for schools, sports halls and leisure centres. Fabricated from flame retardant mesh with canvas sight screens. Manufacturing time approximately 10 days.

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High Quality Indoor Cricket Nets Custom Made To Any Specification


  • Indoor batting nets custom made to any specification that you require


  • Flame retardant cricket nets
  • Canvas sight screens 

Manufacture Time

  • Approx 10 days

Tailor Made Indoor Cricket Nets manufactured With High-Quality Canvas Screen.

You can select the length, height and number of bays of this cricket netting to create an ultra-safe indoor environment within schools and leisure centres that your aspiring batters and bowlers will love to use. Designed to take the full force of any cricket ball, these custom cricket nets will act as a protective barrier between players, coaches and spectators.  

  • Indoor cricket nets are made to your exact specifications.
  • Manufactured from flame retardant mesh.
  • Canvas sight screens help divide the netting and keep the batters focus on the cricket ball.
  • Approximately 10 day manufacturing time.

One key aspect of these custom indoor cricket nets is the high-quality flame-retardant mesh they are fabricated from. This material is perfectly suited for indoor use as it will not instantly catch fire, in turn reducing the risk of damage caused in the unlikely event of a fire. In order to remove potential distraction and keep your batter’s eyes on the cricket ball heavy-duty canvas screens are positioned either side of each bay. The canvas inlays act as a batter’s end sight screen to improve visibility, and help the indoor cricket nets absorb the impact of balls.   

For quotations on indoor cricket nets please contact 01691 683807 or [email protected]

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