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    FORZA Adjustable Basketball Systems | Net World Sports

    FORZA Adjustable Basketball Hoop And Stand System

    Special Price R 1 959,00

    Regular Price: R 4 759,00

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    FORZA In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Unit | Net World Sports

    FORZA Inground Adjustable Height Basketball Unit [54in Glass Backboard]

    Special Price R 22 399,00

    Regular Price: R 27 999,00

  3. Sale
    FORZA Floor-Fixed Basketball Unit | Net World Sports

    FORZA Floor-Fixed Basketball Unit [1.5m]

    Special Price R 25 199,00

    Regular Price: R 33 599,00

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    FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop | Net World Sports

    FORZA Basketball Backboard & Hoop [Wall Mounted]

    Special Price R 6 999,00

    Regular Price: R 8 399,00

  5. Sale
    FORZA Junior Basketball Backboard | Net World Sports

    FORZA Junior Basketball Backboard & Hoop [Wall Mounted]

    Special Price R 1 699,00

    Regular Price: R 2 799,00

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    FORZA Basketball Heavy Duty Flex Hoop

    FORZA Basketball Heavy Duty Flex Hoop

    Special Price R 2 799,00

    Regular Price: R 3 639,00

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    FORZA Basketball Breakaway Hoop | Net World Sports

    FORZA Basketball Breakaway Hoop

    Special Price R 3 499,00

    Regular Price: R 4 499,00

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    Basketball Nets

    Replacement FORZA Basketball Nets [Heavy-Duty] - 5mm Braided

    Special Price R 239,00

    Regular Price: R 329,00

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    Basketball Hoop | Basketball Rim | Basketball Nets

    FORZA Basketball Ring (Heavy Duty)

    Special Price R 924,00

    Regular Price: R 1 299,00

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    Heavy Duty Basketball Backboard

    Heavy-Duty Basketball Backboard, Hoop & Wall Mount

    Special Price R 12 899,00

    Regular Price: R 16 154,00

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    ajustable basketball board competiton

    Adjustable Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop & Backboard (Competition)

    Special Price R 28 334,00

    Regular Price: R 36 259,00

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    Socketed Heavy Duty Basketball Unit [Schools]

    FORZA Alu80 Heavy Duty Socketed Basketball Unit [Schools]

    Special Price R 18 199,00

    Regular Price: R 21 559,00

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    Basketball Post Padding | Net World Sports

    Basketball Post Padding

    Special Price R 3 219,00

    Regular Price: R 4 059,00

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    Sure Shot Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Backboard

    FORZA Basketball Backboards [Practice / Match]

    Special Price R 2 519,00

    Regular Price: R 3 099,00

We’ve got every type of hoop you can think of, from garden hoops that you can attach to any type of wall so that you can practice your shots, to serious competition standard frames that are designed to withstand the highest level of play. All of our hoops and frames are super strong and will last a lifetime, so if you’re looking to kit out your basketball court, leisure centre, or school with the best standard hoops, look no further.