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FORTRESS Plastic Garden Cricket Set [3 Sizes]

Lightweight & portable Garden Cricket Set available in a half or a full set. Ideal for families & schools. Half set includes 1x while the full set includes 2x Cricket Bats, 2x Cricket Stumps, 2x Cricket Wind balls & a heavy-duty carry bag. Available in 3 sizes; Kids, Junior & Senior

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Garden Cricket Set Specifications:

Cricket Set Size:

  • Kids Cricket Set: 28in (71cm) Cricket Stumps | 28in (71cm) Cricket Bat (Size 2)
  • Junior Cricket Set: 28in (71cm) Cricket Stumps | 30.5in (77cm) Cricket Bat (Size 5)
  • Senior Cricket Set: 30in (76cm) Cricket Stumps | 33in (84cm) Cricket Bat (Full Size)

What You Get:

Full Set

  • 2x Plastic Cricket Bats
  • 2x Sets of Cricket Stumps (bails included)
  • 2x Cricket Windballs
  • 1x Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Half Set

  • 1x Plastic Cricket Bats
  • 1x Sets of Cricket Stumps (bails included)
  • 1x Cricket Wind balls
  • 1x Heavy Duty Carry Bag


  • Set components are created using Fluro Yellow plastic for supreme durability
  • Garden Cricket Set is lightweight & 100% portable
  • An excellent choice for kids, juniors & senior cricket players
Portable Cricket Set – Everything You Need To Turn Your Garden Into A Test Arena

An excellent addition for schools, sports clubs & the family day out, this high-quality kwik cricket set allows you to take the cricket action wherever you like. Whether you’re looking to add some quality to PE lessons at school or fancy adding a cricket theme to a family beach trip, this cricket set is exceptionally light-in-weight & comes with a heavy duty carry bag included for simple storage & portability. A cricket set for everyone to enjoy, its available in three different sizes (kids, junior & senior), with the stump heights & cricket bat sizes varying depending on the size you select.

  • Garden Cricket Set – Available in a half set or full set
  • Cricket Set is available in three different sizes: Kids, Junior & Senior
  • All components are created using ultra-durable Fluro Yellow plastic
  • Sets features kids, junior & senior wind balls (depending on what size set you select)
  • Kwik Cricket Set is lightweight & 100% portable thanks to included carry bag
  • An excellent choice for schools, sports clubs & family days out

Not only does this plastic cricket set give you everything required to create the ultimate cricket set-up, it guarantees supreme durability as well. The cricket bat, cricket stumps & bails have all been expertly created using ultra-durable plastic which is Fluro Yellow for a sharp, high-visibility finish. The bats range in size from size 2 (kids set) to a full size short handled cricket bat, depending on what size cricket set you select. Completing the set are the two high-quality kwik cricket wind balls. Softer and slower through the air, the wind balls are ideal for the back garden, as they dramatically reduce the risk of damage & injury thanks to their more flexible design.

PLEASE NOTE: The Garden Cricket Set is available in three different sizes; Kids, Junior & Senior. To find the right size cricket bats & stumps for you, please see the specifications below.