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Lobster® Elite 5 Limited Edition

Utilise the Lobster's ELITE 5 L.E. tennis ball machine's 12 pre-programmed drills or create & save your own! Optional Wireless Remote or Smart Phone Integration & Remote.

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Power Source:

  • Battery - 240V
  • Playing Time: 4 - 8 Hours (Full Charge)


  • Ball Speed: 35 - 80mph (4 Settings)
  • Ball Capacity: 150 Tennis Balls
  • Feed Rate: 2 - 10 Seconds
  • Ball Elevation: Manual 0 - 50° (Electronic)

Pre-programmed Drills (12):

  • The Grinder
  • Power Baseliner
  • All Courter
  • Approach
  • Attack / Defend
  • Forehand +
  • Slicer
  • Lefty
  • Moonballer
  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced


  • Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical With Variable Speed & Spin
  • 3-Line function - Short, Mid, & Deep


  • 20kg / 44lbs


  • Fast Smart Battery Charger Included


  • 2 Years
Lobster® ELITE 5 LIMITED EDITION Tennis Ball Machine

Enjoy infinite shot customisation & fully random oscillation courtesy of the Lobster® Elite 5 Limited Edition's advanced software designed to challenge the best tennis players. Not only is it capable of delivering balls to every inch of the tennis court with personalised speed, spin, trajectory and oscillation. Together with all the original functions of the ELITE 5, its Limited Edition equivalent also integrates a further six pre-programmed drills that simulate 12 frequent play-styles:

  • 'THE GRINDER' DRILL - is a 6 ball drill that utilises the back court with different variations of top & back spin, hitting high with looped, moderate spin shots.
  • POWER BASELINER DRILL - employs another 6 ball drill that utilises the back court with little spin but added ball speed, designed to mimic an attacking style of pace & aggression. 
  • ALL-COURTER DRILL - is arguably the most intelligent program. Using both the front and back court some moderate top spin, less ball speed, but a great deal of shot variety and tactical cunning. 
  • FOREHAND PLUS DRILL - delivers balls with moderate topspin and arc in order to focus on and improve the player's dominant forehand stroke. 
  • ATTACK / DEFEND DRILL -  tests how fast a player can move across court from the baseline. Greater ball speed; minimal spin. 
  • APPROACH DRILL -  sends balls with various spin & arcs, designed to promote correct ball approach & net positioning, together with total covering of the baseline.
  • SLICER - Some of the hardest balls to return and an exhausting match to play; this setting 'slices & dices' you all over the court. 
  • LEFTY - Designed to simulate playing against a left-handed opponent. Combat strong forehand groundstrokes & backhand volleys combined with unpredictable slices.
  • MOONBALLER - Arguably one of the most difficult settings to master. Face off against high-arcing balls, designed to improve judgement, footwork, and midcourt play.
  • BEGINNER - The key for beginners is consistency. This setting allows significant recovery time, and balls delivered at slow & medium speeds.
  • INTERMEDIATE - Helps players to improve covering the court and execution of a variety of strokes. The perfect challenge before advancing to a higher difficulty.
  • ADVANCED - A program that truly helps a player develop an 'attack style' game. 

The expanded three-line oscillation function means players can practice solely on their forehand, backhand, or overall strokes with the narrow, medium, and wide positional settings. It also retains the user-friendly 'Lexan' control panel; complete with 'touch-buttons' and cutting-edge digital LCD screen. Create and save your own drills with a choice of shot location, feed rate, spin, and more! For players looking to completely merge the ELITE 5 L.E. into their daily workout, add the Smart Phone Remote Control - a factory installed Wi-Fi receiver & the available free App which can be downloaded from your relevant smart phone's App Store in order for the user to remotely dictate ball delivery, speed and elevation, etc.Alternatively, choose the state-of-the-art Multi-Function Remote for direct control of your machine in-play. Switch up play instantly by changing sweep, feed, speed and more all at the press of a button.

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