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Rounders Bats [Regulation]

Regulation standard rounders bats are perfect for all ages & abilities. Constructed from durable reinforced wood with an easy to grip rubber handle, these bats are ideal for rounders clubs, schools or for recreational use with family & friends. Sold individually or as a set of 4.

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Durable Regulation Rounders Bat – All Rounder Bat For All Abilities

Regulation Rounders Bat Specifications


  • Rounders Bat Size: 45cm L x 17cm D | 18in L x 6in D


  • Strengthened wood for a consistent & stable strike
  • Cord bound rubber grip handle ensure a sturdy hold


  • Complies with rounders size regulations – Ideal for matches & competitions
  • Excellent option for schools & rounders clubs
  • Available individually or in packs of 4
Regulation Wooden Rounders Bats – Excellent Option For Clubs & Schools

These top-quality rounders bat sets are ideal for recreational play with family & friends as well as for primary & secondary schools. Constructed from reinforced wood for long-lasting use & features a smooth finish. The rounders bat grip is made using cord-bound rubber for exceptional grip & is secured with strong tape to prevent the grip from moving. The size of the bat conforms with the official regulations so can be used for rounders tournaments & competitions. An all-rounder bat which is suitable for all ages. Rounders bats available individually or in packs of 4.

  • High-quality training rounders bat - ideal for recreational & club use
  • Rounders bat sets are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Non-slip cord bound rubber handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Bats conforms to official rounders size regulations for use in matches
  • Available individually or in sets of four to play with friends & family

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