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Tennis Net Centre Strap [Premium Grade]

Adjustable white canvas centre strap and clip suitable for any regulation tennis net. Manufactured to a premium specification.

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An Essential Height Adjuster & Fixture For Tennis Nets

  • Tennis Net Centre Strap Buckle


    The Strap's Dog Clip/Hook's compatibility extends to all of our Tennis Net Ground Fixtures, such as the M-Peg, Base Weight, and Ground Anchor.

  • Tennis Net Centre Strap


    Our Net Centre Straps successfully work alongside any standard regulation Singles & Doubles Tennis Net to secure & adjust net height. 

  • Tennis Net Centre Strap Buckle


    The snap buckle is used for regulating tennis net heights & its chrome plated aluminium exterior prevents damage from adverse weather conditions.


Tennis Net Centre Strap - Adjust & Secure your Tennis Net's Height

This single piece height adjuster works with any standard regulation Tennis Net, and not only that, it looks great too.

The featured Dog Clip will hook onto Base Weights, M-Pegs, and Ground Anchors in order to hold the net at the correct height whilst providing stability. 

For a guaranteed long-lasting product, the clip has been anodised for further protection from severe weather conditions. 

Suitable for use on indoor and outdoor tennis courts. 

Note: The purpose of a centre strap is to regulate the height of the tennis net. ITF tennis rules stipulate the official height of a tennis net should be 42" at the point where the net is attached to the post and be 36" high at the central point. The centre strap is used to achieve the 36" height which is required at the middle of the tennis net.



  • Strap - Nylon
  • Banding - Polyester
  • Eyelet - Brass
  • Snap Buckle - Chrome Plated Aluminium

Net Compatibility:

  • Can be used with any Regulation Tennis Net

Dog Clip / Hook Compatibility:

  • M-Peg
  • Base Weights
  • Ground Sockets





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